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Charter/Tour on sail boat

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Free Way rent a scooter” main office in Sorrento, Corso Italia 248,  who operates in the field of motorcycle renting and assisted bike tours, has been fully active since 2009, and refers to a local associations framework, which has always been involved in side-business issues concerning motorcycle and bycicle renting, and who, after careful market evaluation, having as it’s main referral the Penisola Sorrentina area, in order to diversify within their fields of business and investment, decide to concentrate on the field of motorcycle, bike rental etc,  main objective being high quality service and product range. 

Particular attention in Green Technology as contribution to CO2 lesser emission: Free Way holds solid technical and financial relationships with partners of relevance amongst which 3D Technology Srl,  business group with a significant role in the field of final consolidation of green technology production sites.  L3D Technology is and ideal partner in the finalization of modern prospects of green efficiency planning, the core business to which is given by the Public lighting market and the private market of innovative green related products, the making of which relies  on the most modern technologies related of work with optical components.

Professionalism and skilled background, jointly with the aim of offering a satisfying service in all ways, make this the ideal referral Company for whoever wants , renting a scooter or any other of the offers available, enjoy fully the beauty and the beautiful and eye enticing aspects of our local territory,  the Sorrento Peninsula, one of the most important natural landscapes in the World.

The offices are open from 9:00am to 13:00am and in the afteroon  from 15:00 pm to 19:30 pm start from monday until Friday 
On saturday from 9:00 am to 13.00 am
On sunday we are close !! 

Messages left by our clients

oli 11/04/2014
We got to sorrento by train and decided to rent a scooter in order to do the coastal ride towards salerno.
Needless to mention (with the perfect weather we had been blessed with) this is one of the best experiences one can do in the naples region.
So we rented a 125/150 with an extra storage box (it's labeled 'confort' but can't remember the actual brand) which was practically brand new. Less than 100km driven, 2 brand new helmets and basic insurance for 45euro a day. They have special offers if you take it for a longer period but 2 days was all we had to spare.
Their offers include a range of pushbikes, scooters ofc and also cars. We were 100% satisfied with our choice and the quality of the bike that was given to us.
The very friendly and helpful (but not over the top) staff, their good english and the proper and neat business venue made me rate them as outstanding!
Thanks a lot and i hope you'll have plenty of customers to please in the future. Cheers

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