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Electric 50cc scooter

Electric 50cc scooter

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We reserve the pleasure of informing our clients, that this year "Free Way Scooter", actively operating within the field of Scooter and Electric Bike rental  since 2009, main office "Motofficina Srl" Sorrento, Corso Italia 248,  has distinguished itself for important achievements in service and offers range, in as far as: 
- Electric Bikes and 125 cc. Scooters  are of the newest production kind, just passed the final test for road viability with the "National Motorcar and Road Vehicles Board";
- We offer a vehicle maintenance service as an extra-support with the agreement of rental, care of "Motofficina Srl", well established firm which for more tham 20 years has been active in the motorcycle repair and maintenance business, other than also selling the vehicles in question and providing a spare parts service.  This is actually quite important and can make the difference, as to avoid any inconvenience and dealing with it in the most optimal of ways, reducing to the minimum eventual damage, and saving on time.
- Our staff is highly qualified, confident in the full know-how of dealing with both national and international clients, providing full customer satisfaction in view  of it's skill and tendency of meeting with clients requirements, therefore positively ready to satisfy all needs.
- All this at absolutely competitive prices, never higher than those by norm locally practiced for scooter and electric bike rental.

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Scooter Tours
Scooter Tours

Magnificent tour of the Amalfi Coast!
Departure at 9:00 a.m. from the Freeway to the Amalfi Coast, a stretch of coastline famous around the world...

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