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Scooters conditions of use

Freeway hire grants its vehicles according to the terms and conditions set forth below:

1) Age and documents required:
a) Up to 50cc Driving license national or international equivalent category AM. Minimum age 18 (eighteen) years.
b) From 51cc to 125cc Driving license category A1 / B national or international equivalent. Minimum age 18 (eighteen) years.
c) In addition 125cc driving license category A2 / A (3) national or international equivalent. Minimum age 18 (eighteen) years.

2) Delivery and Delivery:
The Customer acknowledges that the motor vehicle is in good working condition and without defects and undertakes to return it at the end of the rental period in the same condition with all documents and accessories. The customer who wants to extend the charter must advise the Freeway at least one day before the end of the period for obtaining permission.

Place of delivery: the place of return of the vehicle will be the withdrawal of the same Freeway store unless it is not indicated on the contract a different delivery place. Pena charged € 80.

Delay in delivery of the delayed delivery of the rented vehicle than the one mentioned in the contract will result in a penalty of € 50 per day, in addition to the cost of additional days of use.

No refunds will be made if the vehicle will be returned before the date specified in the contract.

3) Conditions of use:
The Customer shall use the motorcycle with prudence and in particular must not allow it to be used:
a) for the transportation of persons for commercial purposes;
b) to tow vehicles, trailers or other things;
c) for rough roads or unfit for road traffic;
d) in races, trials or competitions;
e) headed by persons other than the customer unless that person has been previously specified in the contract;
f) by the Customer or by the driver under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens, narcotics, barbiturates or any other substance that jeopardize the knowledge or ability to react;
g) in violation of any customs rule, circulation or any other rules that might apply even after the signing of this contract;
h) outside of Italy without authorization and without the additional insurance, if required.

4) Disclaimer:
Freeway shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the Customer or third parties arising from the use of the vehicle in the event of non-compliance with the conditions of use or loss or damage to property owned by the customer left in the motor vehicle or for damage and inconveniences from the delay in delivery, from failures as well as the disruption of services due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.

5) Bonds and severally:
Who signed this contract in the name or on behalf of another person and / or company he will personally answer the problems, possible fines and damage to the scooter.

6) Insurance:
The Freeway is committed to providing the motor vehicle equipped with the following insurance cover: Basic health insurance RCA (included in rental price): The renter has insurance that covers damage caused to third parties and to a possible passenger and does not cover damage by the driver. additional insurance (optional): If the renter signs with Freeway payment optional insurance € 5, the deductible is reduced to 0 € in case of theft.

In case of accident the renter must immediately call the call center +39 0818073948 Freeway and follow the instructions received from the staff. The customer is obliged to write down all the personal data, identification of the vehicle and / counterparty and insurance / i and communicate them to the Freeway. The customer does not have to recognize their responsibility and have not contacted the relevant authorities. If the vehicle is no longer drivable, the charterer will bring the vehicle at Freeway where the staff will issue a cost estimate and the renter will sign, the same will to balance the damage. In case of improper use of roadside assistance due to lost keys, helmet, fuel cap, top box or other elements of the Freeway scooter will charge € 50 as a criminal and the renter will pay for all missing / damaged parts, as well as any transport costs.

* Rates are stated in euros and INCLUDE: Unlimited mileage, Scooter Insurance, Passenger Insurance, Local Taxes, 22% VAT Tax, Road Assistance, Maps, Homologated helmets, Anti-theft system, and a Replacement scooter in case of accident or breakdown

* Rates do NOT INCLUDE: Fuel, Deliver/Return Service in places other than our offices, Fines for traffic violations and unpaid tolls.

 PAYMENT: Payments can be done by credit card. We currently accept: VISA, MASTERCARD.

RENTAL PERIOD: The rental period starts on the day and at the time the scooter is delivered and finishes on the day and at the time the scooter is returned at our offices. A rental day is a 24-hour time period.

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